- 190gsm t-shirt.

- 2 colors (lavender/black) screen-printing on white t-shirt.

- Printed in the south of France by Malsain Print.

About the design :

- The cicada, one of the symbols of our region. The people of Provence adopted the noisy critters as their mascot, and the motif made its way into everything from regional fabrics to pottery displayed proudly outside Provençal homes as good luck charms.

- The Sigil of Lucifer also known as the Seal of Satan, it is used to call forth the devil. Its ancient origin is in the Grimoire of Truth published in Italy in the 16th century which served as a guide for those who wanted to invoke and communicate with Lucifer.

- Lavender. Traveling through the south of France you can hardly miss the endless lavender fields which makes this plant the symbol of Provence.