- 190gsm t-shirt.

- White screen-printing on black t-shirt.

- Printed in the south of France by Malsain Print.

About the design :

- Occitania, with its 300 days of sunshine on average per year, is the sunniest region of France. The burning summer sun kindles the soul of its inhabitants.

- The Occitan cross is the regional symbol of Occitania, and has been for nearly 1,000 years. Occitania is a cultural region that comprises about 1/3 of France in southern regions, some of the Pyrénées mountains, and parts of Spain. Some believe the origin of the cross to be pre-Christian. Its origin may have been a twelve-ray solar wheel, such as one found in Saint-Michel-de-Lanes not far from Toulouse. The twelve discs may have symbolised the twelve houses of the zodiac.