About us

Areis (meaning “to raise” in ancient Occitan), is a band from Bagnols-sur-Cèze (France), in the Occitania region. Formed in 2019 by ex-members from Kombur and Right To The Void, the quartet takes inspiration in music genres such as hardcore, black metal, post-hardcore, 90’s melodic death metal and punk which they’ve blended, using dark, occult and Occitanian-themed lyrics, into no nonsense, gloomy music. In 2020, the band signed a record deal with the label WormHoleDeath for a debut album to be released worldwide in 2021.

From left to right : Pablo (guitar), Antoine (drums), Paul (guitar/vocals), Michaël (bass/vocals)

The Occitan cross is the symbol of Occitania, which is the historical region in southern Europe where Occitan was historically the main language, and is sometimes still spoken. The Occitan cross is represented on the flag of modern-day Occitania.

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